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Corporate Expertise

to create integrated solutions

Customized Strategy

to achieve your objectives

International Network 

with local market understanding

Tailored Approach

to provide tactical solutions


CODABEL and its member firm CODABEL MANAGEMENT are recognized for their experience and knowledge providing customized solutions for clients across the full spectrum of the real estate industry.



The challenge for most international investors is the lack of the necessary strong local connections, network, relationships and knowledge of the local market in order to make the best possible returns on their investments.


Codabel is committed on providing exceptional service to our clients, combining extensive research with innovative investment products, all of this delivered by a seasoned team of talented and passionate professionals in the real estate industry. We have the experience and resources to capitalize on opportunities and to achieve our clients' investment objectives.  Whether you are a major institution or an individual investor, we customize strategies that add value to your portfolio.

At Codabel we provide our clients a continious service not only by guiding them during the acquisitions phase; we also cover the next steps and offer a tailor-made asset management support to ensure that the overall investment objectieves are met. 



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A team of experts provides international investors with local market expertise to meet their objectives.

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