CODABEL Management

We manage your properties with skill and discretion at all times


Property Management

We manage your assets and act as a liaison with your tenants, as well as perform all related tasks such as invoicing, accounting, administration, technical maintenance and reporting.

Asset Management

We ensure the best performance of your assets by dealing with the implementation of an ambitious leasing strategy and a pragmatic CapEx plan.

Company Management

We manage your SPVs all the way in complete accordance with Belgian regulations, together with a level of taxation selected to be as low as possible.




Why choose CODABEL Management?

Tailored approach

We customize our asset management according to your needs, whether you are an institutional or private investor.

Professional staff

We are a team of full-time and well-trained real estate professionals who continually provide top quality services.

Full range services

We offer a wide range of management services and support to ensure that your overall investment objectives are met.

Team Belgium

Gaëtan Leroux

Managing Director Belgium
+32 (0) 475 49 08 01

Raja Lachhab

Director Retail
+32 (0) 498 64 87 57

Claire Trentesaux

Asset Manager Offices
+32 (0) 492 08 61 04

Team Netherlands

Suzy Denys

Managing Director Netherlands
+32 (0) 475 95 76 19

Arnaud du Pont

Country Manager
+31 (0) 624 21 44 47

Pio Fernandez Rijsdijk

Technical Director
+31 (0) 653 21 35 93

Ivo Donker

Property Manager
+31 (0) 615 11 78 12

Marieke van Noort

Property Accounting
+31 (0) 645 29 65 28

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