Investing wisely in the Benelux real estate market

Since 2015, CODABEL has been operating for professional international investors looking for new opportunities in Belgium. Thanks to the knowledge of the real estate local market of his founder Marius LEROUX and Bérenger DROUIN, CODABEL has become an acquisition specialist that provides strategic advice and support at all stages of the investment process, from finance sourcing through commercial negotiations. When the acquisition is settled, “CODABEL Management” helps to improve properties through wise management and key initiatives, allowing its clients to invest hands free. Recently, in order to open its high-quality services to individual investors, CODABEL has launched its development department with tailored solutions for non-professional investors, which includes guaranteed performance. Today CODABEL is one of the Benelux’s leading real estate investment professionals and creates a positive impact and long-term returns for its investors, partners and communities.

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As a professional investor, you’re willing to successfully invest in real estate complexes based in Belgium.


As an owner, you’re looking for a proactive and dynamic management of your complex (offices, retail…).


As an individual, you are looking for turnkey solutions to invest wisely into belgian residential real estate market.

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